Booster Club

Welcome to the Guyer Choir Boosters Website

The Guyer Choir Booster Club is a nonprofit organization made up of parent volunteers. The purpose of the Guyer Choir Booster Club is to provide educational, financial, social, and other support as needed for the Guyer High School Choir and their activities; to organize logistical support and operate various fundraising activities approved in accordance with the by-laws, UIL rules and Denton ISD guidelines. It is the promise of all Board members of the Guyer High School Choir Boosters to conduct all activities in a manner that will minimize the cost to students and their families while promoting responsibility, social awareness, community involvement, and the production of beautiful music!

2022 Guyer Choir Booster Club Officers:


President - Julie Reiff

Vice President - Chris Johnson

Treasurer - Shelly Rafter

Secretary - Hannah Hollister


Choir Directors - Katherine Engle

                                      Tyler Fox  

 Governing Documents